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Idaho Lottery

What is the idaho lottery

The state of Idaho launched its lottery in 1989. It was the first to feature a VIP rewards scheme for regular players in the US. With ten games and 65 weekly draws, players have plenty of choices. Of the ten available games, five are multi-state lottery draws, where players can win the biggest prizes.

Lottery games in Idaho

Multi-state draws:

  • 2by2 (daily draw)
  • Lotto America (two draws per week)
  • Lucky for Life (daily draw)
  • Mega Millions (two draws per week)
  • Powerball (three draws per week)

State-only draws:

  • Five Star Draw (daily draw)
  • Idaho Cash (daily draw)
  • Pick 3 (two interests per day)
  • Pick 4 (two draws per day)
  • Weekly Grand (daily draw)

Other games:

  • InstaPlay
  • Raffle Games
  • Scratch Game
  • Tab Games

How can I play the Idaho Lottery?

You can only buy a ticket in person. Players do not have to be state residents but do need to be in Idaho to play. There are approximately 1200 official lottery retailers across the state. Some games, such as PullTab cards, are only available in social entertainment venues, including bowling alleys and bars. However, if you don’t know where your nearest stockist is, you can use the ‘Find a Retailer’ function on the official Idaho Lottery website.

The draws and games are subject to specific terms, as with any state lottery. Players have 180 days from the draw date to claim a prize. They also have 180 days from the dated end of a Scratch Game to claim any prize. All winnings of over $5000 are subject to federal tax (24%) and state tax (6.5%). Players need to be 18 or over to buy a lottery ticket or play an instant win game.

How much can I win?

Pay-outs range from a few dollars to life-changing amounts. Some bigger multi-state lottery games have regular jackpots worth millions of dollars. The largest-ever Powerball jackpot was over $1.5 billion and Five-Star draws regularly have jackpots worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Players who win a large jackpot can choose to be paid as a lump cash sum or as a cash annuity.

Idaho Lottery results

There are several ways to check the results of the Idaho State Lottery. Players who sign up for the VIP club can request to have winning numbers emailed or texted soon after the draw. It’s possible to visit the official lottery website to see the latest numbers, where you can also view past winning numbers for each draw. Local newspapers publish winning lottery numbers, while national newspapers publish the big multi-state lotteries.

Strategy when playing Idaho Lottery

Any lottery has a random outcome, and unlike a card game such as poker, there are no strategies for winning the lottery. The smartest way to increase the likelihood of winning is to join a syndicate. This means, however, that you must share any winnings. Scratch and instant win cards are distributed randomly. Therefore, there is no way of knowing where a winning card might be stocked.

Benefits of playing the Idaho Lottery

The greatest appeal of playing the lottery in Idaho is the payout. It has one of the highest payouts, at around 80%, far higher than the US average of 64%. Players can choose from ten games, five of which are multi-state draws with potentially huge winnings. You can also enjoy a choice of scratch cards and play instant win games and pull and touch tab games. Although you have to be 21 to visit a casino in Idaho, you can buy a lottery ticket or scratch card from 18 years old. Like all US state lotteries, profits are direct towards good causes that benefit the broader community of Idaho. Notably, profits support Idaho Public Schools and the Permanent Building Fund. The state lottery’s excellent VIP scheme rewards members with free scratch play, sweepstakes, and special offers.

Cons of playing the Idaho Lottery

It is not possible to buy tickets online, which means you have to visit an official stockist for an instant win or draw ticket. Although most states charge a tax on lottery wins, Idaho has the tenth highest state tax rate. This means players have to pay almost 7% state tax on wins over $5000, as well as federal tax. As with any gambling, both the lottery and instant win cards have the potential to cause a dependency on gambling. Give yourself clear limits and consistently track your lottery spending.

Summary Idaho Lottery

Both residents and visitors to Idaho can enjoy this excellent state lottery. Players benefit from a generous return of 80%, which is one of the highest in the country. They can also choose from a range of local and multi-state games, with over ten varieties and 65 weekly draws. Besides lottery draws, players enjoy scratch cards, instant wins, and a choice of pull tab and touch tab games.