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Sports Betting in Idaho

The Sports betting experience in Idaho includes extensive sports options ranging from international tournaments to local varsity games that offer huge payouts to the winners. Punters in the state have enough online sportsbooks that make up for Idaho’s refusal to regulate sports betting within its borders. This review covers the current status of sports betting regulations in Idaho.

Idaho remains one of the few American states that has not regulated sports betting. Over 30 states in the USA have made laws to legalize sports betting since the Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in 2018. Even Idaho’s neighbors like Nevada, Wyoming, and Washington have passed laws to legalize sports betting within their borders. 

Fortunately, several online sportsbooks are operating within Idaho. These unlicensed sports betting sites offer world-class options, including rich odds, multiple betting markets, and several sports tournaments worldwide.

Sports Betting Regulation in Idaho

Unfortunately, Idaho has not attempted to regulate sports betting or any gambling activity within its borders. We are keeping our fingers crossed for positive changes in Idaho’s sports betting regulation, as the state has no policies or agencies regulating sportsbooks. 

Things to Consider When Choosing Sportsbooks

Sports betting in Idaho is mostly available online since the state has yet to take any action on regulating the sports betting experience within its borders. Punters in Idaho typically make their sports wagers with offshore betting sites or sportsbooks registered with neighboring states. We can confirm that the sports betting activities in Idaho offer similar excitements and rewards as in Nevada or any other regulated state. 

The challenge here is that Idaho’s lack of sports betting regulation has opened the state to several unlicensed and possibly dangerous sports books. Inexperienced users are open to phishing and other cyber-criminal risks unless they pay attention to necessary features. Here is a list of conditions or requirement you must note before signing up with any online casino.”

Licensing and Security

We know how ironic it seems to look for security in an offshore or unregulated casino, but it is an important requirement. You must always confirm that your sportsbook is duly licensed and has adequate security measures.

As we stated that Idaho has no sports betting or gambling regulations, it is best to look at sportsbooks registered with internationally-recognized institutions. Licensing authorities like the United Kingdom Gaming Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, Curacao Gaming Authority, or even local authorities like the British-Columbia Lottery Commission, Washington State Gambling Commission, or any other institution in neighboring states are sufficient licensing authorities for quality sportsbooks.

It would help to look out for the sportsbook’s security protection. The best sportsbooks have 128 or 256-bit encryption levels to guarantee adequate security of their users’ data and identity. Your preferred online sportsbook should meet this security level or provide similar options for your data protection.

Payment Method

Payment options are the most popular consideration when selecting a new sportsbook. Players in Idaho have access to high-paying sportsbooks with exciting odds and betting markets. This means that the punters in the state need sportsbooks that allow them to make seamless deposits and withdrawals.

We recommend only signing up with sportsbooks with multiple convenient payment options. You should be able to make payment transactions in fiat dollars and any cryptocurrency. The sportsbook must also offer fast payment options. Your deposits should reflect instantly, while withdrawals must be available in your wallet within 12 – 24 hours. 

Customer Support

Most punters rarely check the customer support section, but it is one of the best ways to gauge a sportsbook’s credibility. The best sportsbooks provide adequate support for new and returning players’ challenges when using their platforms. Most sportsbooks have effective helplines, email addresses, and Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) sections that answer users’ concerns about the games or sports on the betting site. 

Future of sports betting in Idaho

Sports betting remains unregulated in Idaho, but it has been thriving among sports punters. Several offshore sportsbooks and casinos have opened their operations to Idaho players, and their numbers only seem to increase weekly. 

There is no indication that Idaho intends to legalize or regulate sports betting in the near future. The state legislature has yet to receive or sponsor any bill attempting to legalize sports betting in the state, but we hope that will change in the coming months.

Idaho may have rejected the fun experience of legal sports betting, but its neighbors are open to the prospect. Here are short overviews of neighboring states that have legalized sports betting:


Sports betting remains strictly regulated in Washington; the state passed laws to regulate sportsbooks in 2020 but limited sports betting licenses to the 14 tribal retail sportsbooks. Punters prefer online betting and have just one service provider- Snoqualmie Casino. 


Unlike other parts of the United States, Nevada has enjoyed unrestricted sports betting since 1949. The PASP Act that restricted other states from sports betting did not affect Nevada, making it the only state with legal sports betting activities between 1992 and 2018.


Sports betting has been legal in Oregon since August 2019 but has some tribal restrictions. The state has only given sports betting licenses to its tribal casinos, while DraftKings maintains the online sportsbook options.

Horse Racing betting 

Fortunately, Idaho is not closed against all fun activities; you can place pari-mutuel horse racing bets in any part of Idaho. The Idaho Racing Commission regulates all horse racing activities in the state, granting licenses and maintaining oversight over all horse racing bets across Idaho. 

Pro of Sports Betting In Idaho

  • Horse racing is available and highly regulated
  • There are lesser chances of sports bets addiction in Idaho


  • No laws are preventing offshore sportsbooks in the state
  • Inexperienced players are liable to phishing and cyber attacks
  • Idaho does not enjoy sports betting revenue


Sports betting has an established presence in Idaho, offering players the best gaming options, including exciting games and rich rewards. Our fingers are crossed as we expect Idaho’s sports betting regulations to offer a better experience.